Independent Technical Sales Agent covering UK and Europe

Waretech Ltd is a small sales agency based in the London area. We cover the UK of course, but also much of Europe, as a sales territory. We started out in 2011.

We work as sales agents and most of our principals want us to develop new business for them. We also offer to undertake pre-sales market research assignments for companies looking at possibilities for their products or services in new markets, can do consultancy work etc.

We are currently representing a number of principals in different industries, but our background and focus is in sales of technical products to business customers, most notably the automotive industry. In some cases we do our sales activity under the Waretech name (stating that we are sales agent for ...) and in other cases we work using our principal's name and business cards - it depends on what the principal wants and what both sides think will work best to achieve the desired goals.

If you have some existing business in the region, we can take over the management or support that in some way if you want us to.

We can provide support and offer solutions in areas like logistics and invoicing.